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Fantic Motor was founded in 1968 by Mario Agrati and Henry Keppel-Hesselink who began producing class leading Enduro machines. Taking advantage of 1970's 'Sixteener' licensing laws Fantic Motor first exported to the UK in 1972 and soon became known for making some of the fastest small cc mopeds on the market.Since 1968 Fantic Motor has been at the forefront of the Enduro market and made a name for itself throughout the 1970's as an innovator of quirky, fast mopeds and motorcycles that gained a huge following. In later years Fantic Motor went on to dominate the Enduro market with competition winning machines every year but sadly departed the UK market over a decade ago... However Fantic Motor are now back to the UK! Visit a dealer near you and check out the latest 2015 Caballero models!

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